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Somontano es tierra de aventuras


Discover Viñas del Vero with a tasting of our wines in the winery shop.

Somontano es tierra de aventuras
Somontano es tierra de aventuras


Viñas del Vero offers a wide range of quality wines thanks to the dedication with which we work and the painstaking approach we take to the entire production process, from caring for the vines to crafting the wine itself. The tour takes you first round our most exclusive winery, Blecua, where we make a unique, top quality wine. It then continues on to Viñas del Vero, finishing with a tasting of three of our wines. This tour lasts approximately 1h 45' and the price is €5/person.

Somontano es tierra de aventuras


This tour shows visitors the triple selection process we carry out in our emblematic Blecua winery, before moving on to Viñas del Vero. The tour ends with a tasting of four wines, including Blecua, rated by specialists and critics the world over as Somontano’s best wine. The tour lasts approximately 2h 15’, and the price is €15/person.

Somontano es tierra de aventuras
Somontano es tierra de aventuras


The Segway is the fun, intelligent means of transport par excellence. A Segway tour reveals what lies at the heart of why and how we do what we do as well as showing where our work begins. On a route that takes you, on a Segway, through fabulous vineyards, you will see the different grape varieties that are most representative of Viñas del Vero: Gewürztraminer, Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.  As this is a circular route the tour starts and ends at the Viñas del Vero winery, where visitors receive a small gift at the end of the tour. Also, if the tour finishes within our normal opening hours you will have the opportunity to taste a few of the wines we make from the grapes grown in the vineyards you will have seen. The tour lasts approximately 1h30’, and the price is €40/person.

Somontano es tierra de aventuras


Enodestino, a specialist wine and wine tourism operator, is offering a new way of getting to know Somontano: 1 morning, 3 wineries, 9 premium wines – and 1000 sensations! This tour runs all year round and features wine tastings at Viñas del Vero, Bodega Pirineos and Enate. This is not a conventional tour as it includes “express” tastings of the three sets of wines. You will need to watch the clock though as it will be time to move on before you know it! A fun, fast-paced way of visiting Somontano and its wineries. Price €18/person.

Somontano es tierra de aventuras
Somontano es tierra de aventuras


This is the best way to enjoy wine tourism: no need to worry about the car. On the third Saturday of every month direct connections from Zaragoza and Huesca whisk visitors off to the Somontano Wine Route! Tours of Somontano take place every month to show visitors the secrets of the Wine Route: tour wineries, taste wine, olive oil and cheese, visit mediaeval villas and charming hidden enclaves, experience local gastronomy and, of course, taste wine!

Timings and departure point:

Zaragoza: 9h. from Paseo Mª Agustín nº 12-14, opposite the Ramón y Cajal outpatient clinic.
Price €28/person. Huesca: 9:50h. from Intermodal Station. Return from the last visit at around 18.45h. Price €26/person.

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