Viñas del Vero

Viñas del Vero takes its name from a river, the Vero, that flows through the Somontano region and is famous for its ravines, gorges and canyons. The Viñas del Vero winery was set up in Somontano at the end of 1986 through the acquisition of 550 hectares of land in Barbastro and other nearby villages. In 1987 the land began to be replanted with grape varieties traditionally grown in the region (Tempranillo, Moristel, Garnacha and Macabeo), along with others of different origins (Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Pinot Noir).

The winery’s first wines were released onto the market in the spring of 1990 and had been made in an experimental winery in Salas Bajas. In 1987 the company bought the “San Marcos” estate as the site for a new winery it was to build and that opened in July 1993. This is where the entire production process for making the Viñas del Vero wines takes place, from selecting the grapes to ageing and bottling. In 2008 Viñas del Vero joined the González Byass Wine Portfolio.

The volume and quality of the wines it produces means that Viñas del Vero is currently the Somontano D.O.’s leading winery. The company is one of Spain’s largest vineyard owners, whilst the technology used in the winery and the style of the wines it produces make it a benchmark for the rest.

Depósitos de Viñas del Vero


This young winery is equipped with the very latest viticultural technology, which follows the natural winemaking process whilst guaranteeing precise monitoring of environmental and hygiene conditions. Viñas del Vero was one of Spain's first wine producers to obtain a Quality Certification for compliance with the international UNE-EN-ISO 9002 standard.

Its most striking characteristic is its vertical layout, with a drop of more than 12 metres. Once harvested, the grapes arrive at the top level of the winery, where they are selected. From there, the force of gravity, careful and constant monitoring of the process, and, let us not forget, the drop of "magic" which goes into the creation of every great wine, are our chief allies. Viñas del Vero does not use pumps or other harsh mechanical processes for racking the grapes and must.


Viñas del Vero pays attention to every last detail of production. Its status as a young winery has allowed it to put in place the basis for ensuring the final product is of the highest standard of quality: well-tended vineyards, precise monitoring of the ripening of the fruit, optimizing every harvest, carefully selected barrels for ageing, the design of the labels, the way the wines are packaged for the market, along with excellent customer and consumer care at all times.

The company's winemakers combine their wide-ranging knowledge and experience with dedication and attention to every process involved in wine production. This concern for every detail involved in the business is one of the winery's hallmarks.

Processes are always adapted to the specific characteristics of each variety. The results can be seen in striking, distinctive wines with a contemporary taste, reflecting the trends in modern consumer demand.

Depósitos de Viñas del Vero
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